Lazarus Naturals Review

Have you tried CBD-containing products already? If you have and it was more than once, turning into something bigger for you, you might already get to the point when you are looking for a reliable company – a provider of CBD. 

As you start searching, pretty soon, you realize that not every company is the same in quality, prices, the delivery (speed, area, and cost), as well as it is possible to receive the results of third-party lab tests from some companies, while impossible to receive from others. The competition on the market makes companies resort to different scenarios of actions, which eventually alter the price, quality, and connection to their customers. Today, we are going to speak about Lazarus Naturals Company, which is found by us to have one of the best prices on the market by giving appropriate quality. Lazarus Naturals Company is one of the market leaders if to look at the ratio of the price, quality, and the company’s social responsibility. 

About Lazarus Naturals company

The year of foundation is 2014. The company was named after the founder and CEO, Sequoia Price-Lazarus (that’s the guy with one of the most bizarre names that we’ve encountered). The creation of it was not just a commercial enterprise – if you look at the company’s structure and pursued goals, as well as the running life-term campaign for cutting off the cost of company’s products up to 60% for specific audiences, you will be surprised by the inclination to social responsibility of the company. Also, after a thorough investigation of the market, we were surprised by the fact of the cheap prices of the company’s product – compared to its competitors. For instance, a 3,000-mg potent CBD oil in a 60-ml bottle is sold for 125 dollars only. That’s already a big deal. If you also consider the -60% discount, the price is going to be just 50 bucks – that’s something that NO OTHER company is ready to provide you by now.

We love the idea of the company’s plans to make the transition to fully organic manufacturing by 2022, which is the biggest goal of the Farm Operations department of Lazarus Naturals Company. And we also love the fact that the company makes the independent 3rd-party testing of products, also investing money in own research and development wing. The entire management team is young, with a progressive look at what they do. Looking at them and the marketing strategy, we really have a feeling that this is a team, well-knitted by an idea to help people and striving to popularize hemp-derived products on the market, not earning money solely, as the rest of the market does. The thing is that every company says loud words about the social direction, little interest in money, responsibility, and high quality. But the Lazarus Naturals Company is actually in it, not only saying so to distract the attention of people.

Lazarus Naturals features

  1. The -60% discount for veterans of army, police, firefighting service; for people with disabilities, who need CBD, and for low-income categories of the population. To get a discount, you should register and send copies of your documents (ID, paperwork, recording of the service or low income, the approval of your disability). After the company’s agreement, you will be able to buy products with a discount (on your account) – the discount that will last forever for you (to the end of your days and as long as the company will exist). In the top right corner of the pages, you can see the link to nominate a veteran for the lifetime of free CBD. The company also makes fundraising to the funds of veterans, as well as periodic donations of some share of their profit to those. 
  2. Nice money for every product. No matter, THC-free or of full-spectrum, the Lazarus Naturals Company’s products are great in prices, already lower at an initial level than the level of many other companies. We’ve seen the isolate tincture of 3,000 mg potency here for 125 dollars, while there are companies out there, which may sell it to you for as much as 4 times bigger price! That’s something we explain with the company’s goal at the social usefulness, not at stuffing the CEO’s and investors’ pockets with millions of extra bucks. The CEO here doesn’t even want to own a private jet – unlike other CEOs of the hemp industry. 
  3. Wholesale prices are directly available from the webpages of the official site – for wholesale purchases. In order to apply, you have to fulfill a pretty standard form and upload copies of your business documents (certificate, license). 
  4. There is a blog (, from which you can find out more about the company’s life and actions, especially in the field of social activity. It is kinda great to see the open heart of a company towards its consumers. 

Advantages of Lazarus Naturals

  1. Orientation at the social sphere, with nice promos, discounts, and fundraising for veterans.
  2. Ambitious goals in the company, like 100% organic manufacturing, which is going to be established by 2022. 
  3. Exceptional prices, which are market leaders today.
  4. Wide range of products.
  5. The company owns its farm for growing hemp, which means that it applies a hand over the entire process, from hemp seeds planted into the soil to store shelves getting filled. 
  6. It is easy to discover the lab test results by a third-party company, which would be for a specific product. The tests are done in a batch, and the timeline of the batches is updated from time to time. And there are separate tests attached to every separate product – with time versioning, which is as good as it is found on the product pages of another manufacturer, CBDistillery.

Disadvantages of Lazarus Naturals

  1. Despite the fact that the Lazarus Naturals Company says this or that product does not have any THC, it also covers this statement by the *disclaimer, from which you find out that ‘no THC’ actually means that up to 0.3% of THC can be contained in a product, actually, which they also call a ‘trace amount’. That is, this company does not really differentiate between the zero-THC and 0.3%-THC contents of THC in their CBD products, as other manufacturers actually do. Thus, by default, you have to bear in mind that all products of Lazarus Naturals Company contain up to 0.3% of THC, regardless of what is said on the label.

Lazarus Naturals product list

Below, we are going to discover the details about the company’s products one by one, in the order as they are positioned at the site of the company, from left to right (

1.Lazarus Naturals TincturesAs the company preserves the low prices, it sells incredibly high-potent things for the insanely low cost. You can see with your eyes as 6,000 mg of CBD in a flask of 120 ml are sold for only 200 dollars. We’ve seen the analogical offering for 800-1,000 dollars on the market. If you add here -60% of the price for registered veterans, you get the end price of astounding 80 dollars. If you need a serving of only about 25-30 mg a day to fight with your pain, anxiety, sleep problems, agitation, reddening and swelling of the skin (and the rest of stuff that CBD fights with), you are going to have this remedy lasting for 200-240 days for you! Taking 50 mg a day, it’ll last for you 120 days – what a whopping offer, don’t you agree!? So, based on the price, the potency, and your need of 25 mg of CBD per day, it turns out that you should spend only 304 dollars for an entire year, which is 83 cents per 1 day only! That is a glorious offer, no matter from which angle you are considering it.

The basis of the content of each oil (the Lazarus Naturals Company calls them tinctures) is fractioned coconut oil, organic hemp seed oil, and CBD. The flavors are added, too – but not to every product, leaving you the right to purchase unflavored option. In the tinctures, the flavors you meet are as follows: 

    • mint

Every tincture has a convenient dropper to consume the right amount of the remedy.

2.Lazarus Naturals Capsules

There is the list of capsules with CBD (of full-spectrum and without THC) and even a product with an intriguing name “Cycling frog”. The latter is a transparent plastic bottle with 4 or 20 capsules inside, each containing a liquid with 100 mg of CBD (additional substances are coconut oil, soft gel, myrcene, and hemp extract). Respectively, 400 and 2,000 mg of CBD are contained in two bottles of different sizes. That big administering of CBD is recommended for people with severe states that need treatment (like pain, soreness of muscles, and others). It is gluten-free, without artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. This is a full-spectrum, non-GMO thing.

As for the rest, you can meet a large span of potencies, from 100 to 10 thousand mg in a bottle. The lowest option costs 6 dollars, the largest – 360 dollars. That is, if you need only 25 mg a day, the highest-potent remedy is enough for you for 400 whole days without interruptions! This is only 90 cents per 1 day. Incredible. 

3.Lazarus Naturals Isolates

There are three options of isolates:

  • 1 gram for 30 dollars (we’re sure that if the packing was less sophisticated, it would be better for the environment and for the cost)
  • A bottle with 5 options – 5, 20, 50, 100, and 200 grams. The more you buy, the lesser is the cost of a gram, down to 12 bucks for a gram only. 

The reason why one would buy isolates is the easy creation of own products without altering their main properties such as smell, taste, look, and consistency – including foods, beverages, beauty products, vape juices, and others. Adding a powder with isolate (that has the purity up to 99.99%), you receive the relaxing and soothing form of some product, which you already know and got used to taking. Also, it is possible to sell those products in a coffee shop or to your friends or something. 

4.Lazarus Naturals Coconut oil

It is unusual to see the coconut oil enriched with CBD. As a rule, coconut oil is one of the additional ingredients to products with CBD but never is the main player. Here, every teaspoon contains 50 mg of CBD, and the entire volume is 1,200. How would you use it the best? For more than relaxing massage – as when CBD is absorbed through the skin, as topicals act, you get the double relief – from its action and from the massage.

5. Lazarus Naturals Pet products

The products for pets differ mainly with the size: 15 ml (0.5 oz) contain 225 mg of CBD, while 60 ml contain 900 mg. There are no flavors added to the substance (which consists of hemp extract and fractioned coconut oil in addition to CBD), so, to administer it, you should add it to the dog food. Not to water, as it will not mix well with it.

6. Lazarus Naturals RSO

RSO is an abbreviation from ‘Rick Simpson Oil’. It is done is a different way from the classical recipe that Mr. Simpson left as his legacy but it is completely potent as well. Here, as a natural thickener, sunflower lecithin is used. Other contents are coconut oil, CBD isolate, and hemp oil.

7.Lazarus Naturals Topicals

Here, you can acquire balms and massage oil. You will find unscented options and the following scents:

  • Lavender
  • Portland Rose
  • Cedar Citrus
  • Mint.

The standard content of CBD is 50 mg per 1 tablespoon. In the massage oil, you’ll find oils of almond, coconut, jojoba, and hemp. The sizes are 200, 800, and 1,600 mg. 

In balms, you will find natural beeswax, mango butter, oils of cedar, coconut & orange. 

Just apply to the affected area of the skin. 

8.Lazarus Naturals Merchandise

If you’re a fan of the company – you should take a look at its merch:

  • T-shirts
  • Hats
  • Water bottle.

The entire everything is priced from 10 to 15 dollars.

Price list

  1. Lazarus Naturals Tinctures cost from 12 to 200 dollars – based on the strength (from 225 mg, through 750, 900, and 1,800, 3,000, and 6,000 mg).
  2. Lazarus Naturals Capsules can be bought by you for 6… 360 US dollars – for the potencies of 400 mg, 250, 400, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, and even 10,000 mg of CBD. Have you seen as big potency as 10,000 mg in a flask or in any other form? We haven’t.
  3. Lazarus Naturals Isolates have more cost of 1 gram, the lesser you buy. 1 gram goes for 30 bucks, 5 grams are for 75, 20 grams are for 280, 50 grams are for 650, 100 grams are for 1250, and 200 grams are for 2400. However, not all sizes are freely available, as we’ve seen half of the line was out of stock at the moment of writing this review. 
  4. Lazarus Naturals Coconut oil costs from $15 for 1 oz to $50 for 4 oz.
  5. Lazarus Naturals Pet products cost from 12 to 38 bucks. 
  6. Lazarus Naturals RSO prices are as follows: 10 ml cost 40 dollars and 50 ml cost 180 dollars. 
  7. Lazarus Naturals Topicals come for 12… 70 dollars.
  8. Lazarus Naturals Merchandise can be easily bought for 10 dollars (for a hat), $12 (for another hat and a water plastic bottle), and $15 (for t-shirts, which are sizes-available).

Our experience with Lazarus Naturals

We’ve tried the coconut oil for the massage (although, it is possible to add it to sweet food like a homemade cake, for instance). And we were thrilled by the result – using it as a topical delivered high smoothness of sensations of the massaging process, as well as the ‘aftershock’ of CBD, as it started working after 40 minutes for the entire body. The sleep after the procedure was one of the finest, without worries and wake-ups. 

Also, we’ve tried Vanilla Mocha flavored tincture of the full spectrum. The action started after 15 minutes of the intake (we bought the 750-mg potent thing and took 100 mg). We have nothing to add or deduct from the action of it on the body, as well as the length of it – taking it before work made the entire day smooth and relaxed. 


What we found amazing is that we’ve seen the most potent remedies with CBD on the market, for the lowest possible prices. The company currently holds the best ratio of price, quality, and potency. Also, we’re staggered by the -60% discount for a number of categories of population, which makes their prices as low as nobody else on the market can offer. We definitely recommend this 100%-American brand, which has a high social responsibility, and an amazing general image.