CBD vape pen

The number of CBD consumers is constantly growing. There are lots of CBD users, who prefer edibles, tinctures, and smoking. However, using a vape pen still continues to be among the most well-known and easy ways of consuming the substance. If you would like to know more on how to use a CBD vape pen or get the most detailed guide on choosing perfect gadgets for inhaling cannabidiol, this post is likely to help you with all these questions.

What is CBD vape oil: the basic concepts 

To begin with, it is necessary to know some basic facts on what a CBD oil vape pen is. It is a popular cigarette-looking tool that is filled with cannabidiol oil. In other words, it is a gadget for inhaling the substance in a comfortable way. 

The most important fact is that cannabidiol oil and CBD vape oil are completely different substances. It is strictly forbidden to vape standard CBD oil since this product is developed only for oral consumption. Those users, who take the risks to vape this oil, might face serious health problems. Unlike classical CBD oil, CBD vape oil, also called juice, is produced exactly for inhaling. This is completely safe substance that can assist you in treating dozens of ailments and conditions, including:

  • Chronic and severe pain
  • Depression and other stress disorders
  • Anxiety 
  • Arthritis
  • Seizures
  • Insomnia and common sleep disorders
  • Migraines
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Chron’s disease
  • Other conditions

Thousands of new consumers prefer CBD since it is an organic and healthy way to eliminate lots of conditions, including serious ones. Unlike prescription medication, CBD vape oil is not likely to bring you dependency or cause any side effects. This means it is a secure and easy-to-use solution to get relief from a wide range of ailments. 

Best prompts on how to use CBD oil in vape pen

There are two most common tools for vaping. These are pen-style vaping equipment and tank-looking gadgets for vaping. In this post, we will focus on how to use a CBD oil vape pen since it is the most sufficient and relaxed way for newbies to take CBD.

Moreover, there are refillable and disposable pens that are both extremely convenient. Disposable pens come with different designs and properties, so it is better to read the manual before using your gadget. Refillable pens have a common look and similar operating principles. To start consuming the substance with your best disposable CBD vape pen, follow these simple steps:

  • Add e-juice to your pen
  • Set up your coil and wait for 10 minutes to make it saturated
  • Turn on your pen
  • Begin inhaling, starting from little puffs
  • Don’t hurry up and take 5-10 minutes breaks between the puffs
  • Find your optimal dose
  • Don’t forget to clean your pen

The process of using both kinds of cannabidiol vape pens is absolutely effortless and suitable for complete beginners. 

  • Use it slowly. It is important to inhale the substance slowly not to take too much CBD in one breath. If you take too much of the substance, you will just start coughing. It is better to choose your own particular pace and follow it for making the most effective puffs.
  • Keep the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds. The substance should rest in your mouth for a while for getting maximum effects. It will also be absorbed by the cells in your mouth and will give you an opportunity to discover amazing tastes of the substance you inhale. 
  • Hold the substance in your lungs for a while. It will make the substance work for you for better results. However, avoid holding the vapor in the lungs longer than 50 seconds – listen to your body and don’t force yourself to do something.

Refillable CBD vape pen: top facts

When searching for the best CBD vape pen, you will find lots of gadgets with tons of outstanding features and properties. You can read CBD vape pen reviews or pick up the best option according to your personal taste. There are thousands of consumers, who believe that a refillable tool is the most convenient option for vaping. If you still hesitate, whether to choose this kind of a vape pen, it will be great to know its benefits and drawbacks. 

Top pros of refillable pens of CBD vaping

  • Long run. Refillable pens can be filled with CBD liquids dozens of times. You can use your favorite gadget for months or even years with no need to purchase new pens
  • Eco-friendly. Refillable pens are not just thrown away after a couple of puffs. Most consumers use their gadgets for months and are not forced to buy new tools every week or month. 
  • Convenience. You can fill your pen with diverse kinds of CBD vape oils, try new tastes and odors, and pick up the fittest one for your needs.
  • Better experience. Refillable pens provide you more powerful hits.

Top cons of refillable pens of CBD vaping

  • You will need to charge it regularly. Sometimes you might even need to replace the dried out battery with the new one
  • You will need always to keep it clean and tidy
  • The price for these kinds of pens is higher than for disposable ones 

Generally, refillable pens are good for those, who are planning to consume CBD in the long run. It is a bit pricier way of consumption the substance but provides you better effects.

Disposable CBD vape pen: top facts

Disposable pens provide you an opportunity to consume CBD with no need to deal with all these messy cartridges and filling your gadget with a vape oil. These pieces of equipment are pre-filled vaping tools that allow you to make around 100 puffs and then switch to the next pen. These are convenient gadgets since you don’t need to worry about choosing the right dosage or picking up a proper vape oil. These cute gadgets come with different tastes, including Citrus, Fruit, Mint, Sweet, and others. Therefore, you are not limited by the classical CBD taste.

Pros of disposable CBD vape pens

  • Price. The cost of most pens of this kind is affordable for a wide audience, including users with limited budgets.
  • No charging. This kind of pens doesn’t require any charging.
  • Great for newbies. If you just want to try CBD for the first time, this kind of pen is an inexpensive and easy-to-use option that is likely to suit all your needs.

Cons of disposable CBD vape pens 

  • Taste. You can’t fill your pen with the other kind of oil. If you don’t like the taste, you will need to purchase another pen.
  • Weak. These pens are better for beginners since they provide with weaker hits than refillable ones.
  • Not eco-friendly. You will need to purchase dozens of pens in case you are planning to consume CBD regularly. 
  • Expensive in a long-term perspective. Purchasing dozens of disposable pens is likely to appear more expensive than choosing the one refillable gadget. 

Still searching for the best vape pen for CBD oil? Choose the perfect option according to your personal needs and tastes. Most newbies usually start with prefilled options and then move to the refillable options. 

The best CBD vape pen: top tips

How to find an excellent CBD vape pen near me? Is it possible to purchase a CBD vape pen for sale? Yes! There are lots of alternatives available at both local stores and online services. Below we’ve collected the best pens for amateurs and experienced consumers. Just enjoy! 

Koi Zen

This refillable pen is for those, who want to get a top-notch quality product and is ready to pay for the highest service. Being one of the most pricey solutions on the market, the pen amazes with its convenience and perfect functionality. 

It is a small, easy-to-use and beginner-friendly gadget that will make the process of consumption CBD smooth and pleasant. This long-lasting, safe, and reliable device is likely to provide you with premium inhaling experience. The pen can offer nice, long, and brilliant puffs for maximum comfort. By the way, filling and charging the device is incredibly easy. 

Chong’s Choice

Being one of the most handy vaping equipment, this pen has a standard level of potency that will suit the majority of users. It has a classical shape. Therefore, you will not get used to the new gadget for a long time if you’ve tried other vaping pens before. With just a couple of puffs, you will feel calmness and relaxation. 

What makes it different from other vaping pens? The matter is that it has a special section that indicates the amount of vape oil left in your pen. The tool can provide relief from pain, reduce anxiety, and depression in just a few moments.

Hemp bombs 

This pen is known to have high potency. It contains 125 mg of cannabidiol that has been tested by the third-party laboratory. Therefore, you will be able to vape perfect cannabidiol and use an excellent pen for maximum comfort. Each device contains around 150 puffs or even more in case you are going to make swallow breaths.

The pen comes with different tastes, including the most popular ones, including fruit and watermelon. The gadget is very convenient but some of its flavors might appear to be very strong for newbie CBD consumers. 


In case you are one of CBD consumers, who prefer disposable pens with strawberry fillings, this one might become a perfect choice to meet your needs. Each tool has 75 mg of pure CBD produced from industrial hemp. As for the number of puffs, its average number is 200 per pen. 

Re-Leaf is one of the most inexpensive options. It is perfect for patients and enthusiasts who are dreaming to have a better sleep. The matter is that its substance contains melatonin that often causes drowsiness and makes you feel relaxed. 

Tropic breeze 

This is a classical disposable pen that is completely ready to use. The taste of a juicy mango will make your mouth-watering and will provide you with lots of unforgettable feelings. Each tool contains top-quality cannabidiol vape oil and offers an exceptionally convenient way of consuming the substance. 

The hottest prompts to buy CBD vape pen

When searching for the most suitable tool to suit your needs, it is important to keep in mind lots of different features. First of all, avoid looking for the lowest prices and never contact suspicious retailers or producers. Choosing a quality product and a reliable shop is a must for any CBD consumer. You can also pick up the producers that test their CBD vape oil with the help of the third-party laboratories. This way, you will get a gadget with a perfect CBD filling of the highest possible quality. 

If you are searching for the first vape pen, consider purchasing the product with a lower potency. You don’t know how your body responds to the substance, so it is highly recommended to avoid strong options. Moreover, it is better to choose a simple pen that doesn’t have too many advanced options and buttons. These functions are usually developed for experienced consumers and might be just messy and useless for complete beginners. For those new to the CBD consumption, the easier your pen is, the better. In other words, avoid purchasing hi-tech or extremely innovative pens with rich functionality – pick up a simple but convenient pen for a better experience. 

Vaping pens are completely different. You might need to try several different gadgets before you find the best solution with a perfect taste for you. Don’t stop looking for a perfect pen in case you don’t like vaping for the first time – just try more alternatives to get the handiest option.